Quality Assurance

1. Quality assurance of systems

That you as a client can rely on us to do a good job is important to us. At NLBC, we therefore consider it essential to have a well-functioning organisation where quality control is an accepted element. In order to improve the control and knowledge of our business operations, our work processes have been quality-assured. Our organization is also ISO 9001: 2000 accredited.

2.Quality assurance of products

Leather goods, including clothing, belts, as well as small goods, are not only high value items, but are also highly variable in terms of species, types of leather, dyeing / color, chemicals employed in finishing and microbiological activity. NLBC has unparalleled expertise in identifying  the chemicals used in dyeing and finishing, ensuring that the products meet your quality requirements.

In order for you as a client to have access to the very best quality products, the quality of the leather is tested before delivery. From each production batch one hide is removed and the technical properties are tested according to standard international testing methods. Our tests include:

How resistant is the leather to dry rubbing?

How is the leather affected by sunlight?

We also test the weight, finish and functioning of every hardware as well as REACH compliance so that you can be assured of hassle free timely product delivery.